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TruTails Maine Coon Cattery is Fancy located at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains in sunny northern Colorado. While showing our first Maine Coon Alters we discovered that Maine Coon Cats are truly wonderful, loving companions. It wasn't long before we found ourselves hopelessly in love with the breed... and addicted to showing these wonderful cats! It follows, that after serious consideration and study, we made the decision to raise pedigreed Maine Coon Cats. We are dedicated to producing healthy cats with the size, type, and temperament that exemplifies the Maine Coon Cat's reputation as the "Gentle Giants" of the cat world.

Our home is our "cattery," our cats are our treasured companions. All of our cats are our pets first and breeding cats second. Our utmost concern is for their well being. SatchmoOur cats have a home where they live a cat's life... surrounded with lots of love and toys. Our neutered males and breeding "girls," along with whatever kittens are here, can all be found sharing our bed at night ~ a real bonus on a cold winter night here in the Rocky Mountain West! Our stud "boys" have their own quarters on one level of our home. They can enjoy a view of the Rocky Mountains, be entertained by watching the Canada Geese landing on the neighboring lake, or simply doze to the strains of Mozart or whoever is on NPR that day.

TruTails is a small cattery producing only a few litters each year, this allows us time to give plenty of love & individual attention to every kitten born. TruTails breedings are all carefully planned, to bring together our "ideal" cats in type, size, coat, temperament AND health, in an effort to create the next generation of "TruTails' Legends."

< Pictured as kittens ~ GC, TruTails Lil'Fancypants, upper left ~ GC, RW, TruTails Satchmo, lower right >

TruTails is proud to be registered with:

CFA Maine Coon Breed Council Members since 2001

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